Project Manager's Spotlight On Change Management

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Clear-Cut Ways to Manage Inevitable Project Changes If you're a typical project manager, you're probably aware of the importance of change management but may not have the time or expertise to develop a full-blown plan

Author Claudia Baca highlights critical components of change control and equips you with tools, techniques, checklists, and templates you can put to use immediately

By following a realistic case study from start to finish, you'll see how a project manager deals with each concept

Here's a quick and practical guide to applying the disciplines of proven change management practices without the rigor of complex processes

Part of the Project Manager's Spotlight series from Harbor Light Press, this straightforward book offers solutions to real-life project change scenarios

Project Manager's Spotlight on Change Management teaches you how to Define roles and responsibilities of the change management team Build a process flow one step at a time Design your own change management system Process exceptions and escalations Create the necessary documentation

Ultimately, this book will help you establish effective guidelines for dealing with change and provide you the flexibility to minimize disruptions and derailments

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